Our Story


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide you with simple, clean, and ethically sourced products.
Here at Platinum Pear we focus on being sustainable and eco friendly.
Platinum Pear was originally created in a nine feet by ten feet room. After scouring countless skincare brands and failing to find a skincare brand that: contains good ingredients, eco friendly packaging/production, inclusivity both behind the scenes and upfront, and gives back too honorable organizations, our founder, Ruwayda Mohammed, was then inspired to create Platinum Pear.
Our founders dream was to make a change that could hopefully influence a ripple effect of many more changes all in skincare, health, and carbon neutral shipping and packaging.
Our mission is to create a new way to produce safe, simple, yet efficient products.
We appreciate all feedback from our customers! We care about your skin, your health, and the environment!

Our Clean Ingredients and Formulas

Our priority is to make sure our products are sustainable, have no toxic ingredients, and are safely/ethically resourced. Feel free to use our Ingredients Library below to search any ingredient to find out if its clean.

Ingredients Library

Our Mindful Packaging

Our product containers, and product packaging are all made to be easily recyclable and are resourced from sustainable sources.

Our Sustainable Shipping

Our partners at CarbonFund.org help us with reforestation. Each shipment helps us to balance the carbon out-put we produce through shipping by donating a portion of each sale to reforestation.

Our Labs Certification

Our Labs are monitored and ensured to make sure they remain responsible for the usage of water, waste, and energy.

Our Partners In Change

Our partners in change are all organizations that we stand behind, in giving as much as we can back to lead to to a better future.

Our Founder

Hello! I am Ruwayda Mohammed, an Eritrean-American woman with a dream.
Having a dream is one thing but having to build from the ground up as a first generation woman was quite scary. There were so many factors she felt that were against her, nevertheless she did not let that stop her. Platinum Pear is something she had always dreamed about. Growing up not seeing anyone who looked like her in any tv shows, movies, commercials, magazines etc. She realized the impact of inclusivity. Having Platinum Pear she knew inclusivity would be a huge factor. Another essential element for her was ingredients. After realizing the amount of toxic ingredients that are found in so many of the favorited products that are out there. She then vowed to find another natural way to get ingredients that are safe and beneficial to the skin, however not damaging to the environment.

'Thank you to all of my lovely customers for your continued support! I hope you continue to enjoy each and every product!'

Love Yours Truly,
Ruwayda S. Mohammed